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Even when all your email settings are correct, Apple Mail can still fail to send or receive email for In cases such as these, the only effective solution is to reset Mail's preferences to restore functionality. Open a Finder window on your Mac.

If you need to transfer a file or two from one Mac to another, you may use a service like Dropbox, or copy them to a USB drive and move them manually; however, there are some built-in options that can be substantially faster, especially if you are transferring large amounts of data up to numerous gigabytes.

Before Entering Target Disk Mode

To do this you might consider simply enabling file sharing on one of the systems, and then connecting to it from the second computer over whatever network connection you are currently using; however, in doing so you may end up using a relatively slow Wi-Fi connection that could take hours to complete, when with a small amount of effort you can transfer the data in a fraction of the time. Most of the connection options available will still use file sharing, with the exception that you make use of faster ports on your Mac.

Given the prevalence of Wi-Fi devices, Wi-Fi has become the default connection option for many devices; however, unless you have the latest In that case, you can make use of up to three other supported options that should be available on most Mac systems. With all of these options, you will connect as usual using File Sharing, so first be sure this is enabled in the Sharing pane of System Preferences, and that the appropriate users are given access to resources on your system.

The next step is to ensure the appropriate network connection is available and the one used for your transfer session, so go to the Network pane and check the list of connections to ensure one is represented and active for each physical connection on your computer.

Connecting two MacBook Pros (2008-2010)

If the port is inactive it will be grayed out, so select and activate it using the small gear menu at the bottom of the list. If the port is missing altogether, then click the plus button and choose the missing interface from the drop-down menu. Give it a name and click "Create" to make this available as a networking option.

The first of these options is Gigabit Ethernet, which should be standard and enabled on most systems; if not, it can be added via an adapter or two. To use Gigabit Ethernet, you simply need to connect your two systems via an Ethernet cable.

How to Network Your Mac Using FireWire, .Mac, and Sneakernet

The second is FireWire, which Apple is phasing out of its systems but is still abundantly available. The final option is Thunderbolt itself, which if you are using OS X Mavericks is available as a networking option to provide the fastest File Sharing between two Macs. You can disable encyption FileVault as follows: Your Mac in Target Disk Mode. Target Disk Mode — Drives visible! Properly Eject Writable Drives! Add Thunderbolt Bridge under Network settings. Thunderbolt Bridge Active. Thunderbolt Shares visible. Related Articles.

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