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Even when all your email settings are correct, Apple Mail can still fail to send or receive email for In cases such as these, the only effective solution is to reset Mail's preferences to restore functionality. Open a Finder window on your Mac.

However upgrades become problematic. Often an upgraded app ends up back in Applications, while the one originally installed remains wherever you moved it. I found that a better way was to let OS X put the apps where it wanted, but to create a link tree MyApps organized the way I wanted it. Make aliases to each app, then move the aliases into the folder tree where you want them. Optionally you can place apps in more than one place.

Another option is to bring this folder down onto the doc. Right click on it, and set view to "Grid" Next you can modify the icons of each folder to be appropriate to the class of activity. There are several options, but if you prepend your category folders with - they will always be sorted at the top assuming you sort alphabetically:.

By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Photo Booth. Kenster 4, 2 19 Peter M Peter M 3 13 Stephen Jennings Stephen Jennings I assume that if I move things around that I'll have to rework things that were also previously on the Dock?

Dock icons are aliases, so they'll follow the app wherever you put it. See this page for more information about aliases: Creating Aliases and organizing those in a folder or folders in the dock is the way to go. You are also asking for duplicate applications when you run Software Update as Chealion mentioned. If it was a DMG that you dragged the app out of you are unlikely to have problems if you move it. Rudy Rudy 21 1. Rudedog Rudedog 1, 12 8. Jason Aller 2, 5 21 I would recommend downloading and installing quicksilver.

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Toby Toby 5 As per part of my question.. Like the OP, I wanted to have something other than an endless list to find my apps. This allows you to clean up your dock from all but items you constantly use. Sherwood Botsford Sherwood Botsford 2 There are several options, but if you prepend your category folders with - they will always be sorted at the top assuming you sort alphabetically: Joshua J.

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McKinnon Joshua J. McKinnon 3. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. This isn't an issue with drag-installed applications.

How To: Organize All Those Cool New Mac Apps - Business Insider

Makes sense Nov 11, I'm sorry, but these answers are simply not correct. We should be able to delete something from our Applications folder, instead of having the OS decide what we can or cannot do. Right now I've installed a 3rd party by by the regular "copy these files to the applications folder" from the DMG process. Not all applications are so strict about placement so often you can find some that can be moved around.

In fact, the bundle nature of applications means that if coded correctly, they ought to be movable anywhere; however, too often and especially with Apple's built-in programs , developers include path-specific features that result in problems if moved. As a result, the Applications folder is best treated as any other system folder, where items placed in it by installers should not be moved, removed, renamed, or otherwise modified manually unless you have specific reason or know exactly what you are doing.

Nov 11, 6: Apple has never protected the Applications folder. Obviously if you move files around on your Mac, you should know what you are doing. But users have always been able to make that decision without having the OS enforce where files should be. It has been the beauty of the Mac OS. Back in the day of OS 9, the Extensions folder whoa, a blast from the past also contained important software components that should not be moved unless you knew what you were doing.

However, having the capacity to move extensions allowed users to easily troubleshoot issues.

Arrange Applications folder by application category in OS X Finder

The file I am getting this error with came from a 'drag-installed' application. It is simply an extras folder, with no contents, and I still get the error that the file cannot be modified or deleted because the OS needs it. So, I'd maintain that the answers are incorrect. Apple needs to fix this behavior. Or maybe there already exists a preference somewhere that would allow one to move items from the Applications folder — but if that's the case, I haven't found it. Nov 11, 7: I have always sorted my Apps in folders of my choosing.

How to Move the Applications Folder to Your Dock

Auto Installers do put them in the root of the Applications directory, but a drag and drop installation lets me choose directories in which to drop them in. All work fine and when an App requires an update it usually updates at the right location. In case an App is in the wrong place, when I move it, it usually copies it rather than moves it. That is because I am in a Standard user account and not in an Admin user account.

Using LaunchPad

I go ahead and let it copy. After I delete the original one. It prompts me for an Admin user and password, and when furnished, it duly sends it to Trash. I should add that Java Apps do not allow this. They have to be in the root of the Applications directory. You might want to address this with the Apple Engineers; after all, they are the ones having coded it in such a way that they should not be moved.

In fact, the Mac OS behavior is becoming less user customizable and more of a closed system in line with iOS. That is - as they say - functioning as expected. Applications and all other system components need to be where the background storeagent expects them to be or your system cannot be updated. May 7, 8: In the past I've been able to fix this by making subfolders.

Great progress, Apple.

How to Organize Your Apps Using LaunchPad in OS X

Which genius engineer thought this would be a good requirement? Not allowing users to move the "Chess" program into a new folder called "Games". Awesome how things "just work". Hello buyers remorse, after just one hour. Can't wait to see what other crap is in store for me with this great new OS. Dec 7, How to organize applications folder on OS X Mavericks? More Less. Communities Contact Support.