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Even when all your email settings are correct, Apple Mail can still fail to send or receive email for In cases such as these, the only effective solution is to reset Mail's preferences to restore functionality. Open a Finder window on your Mac.

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How to Type Common Symbols and Special Characters in Mac OS X -

Enter your email address below: Posted by: Bill Eccles says: November 7, at 9: Willingham says: August 20, at November 7, at FrankyFF says: November 12, at 3: Arno says: July 21, at 5: March 10, at 3: Earlier this year, I reviewed a great utility called Characters that makes it simple to find and type special characters using a systemwide menu.

Here are three ways to access special characters in OS X.

Click one, or press the number corresponding to it, to type that character. This adds the Input Menu to the menu bar.

How to Type Common Symbols and Special Characters in Mac OS X

You can also click the key in Keyboard Viewer to type it immediately. The reason I prefer this rather than adding code in emacs is that Shift - 3 is for all apps e. From http: Of course, in emacs, the alt key is the meta key which is trapped by emacs. The simple function below inserted into your. I know this is a bit late and the answer has been accepted.


I am using the emacs from here: Which is Alt-3 on a UK keyboard. Credit goes to http: A lot of the solutions given here and elsewhere work for typing in a normal buffer, but they don't make it work like a normal keypress; in particular, it will abort an incremental search, which makes it hard to write macros that deal with Python comments, or C include s, for example. So, it's best to transform the key much earlier, so it just acts like another typing keystroke.

Lott said, it's S - 3 to insert a number sign or hash, pound, octothrope.

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Why do you want to use the meta modifier to insert it? Also, what is M - 3 bound to on your setup? You can get it by doing an C - h - k and then hitting the key combination.

Euro Symbol, Euro Sign

Assuming you are referring to Alt properly and that it's setting the Meta modification bit you can shove. All "normal" keys are bound to self-insert-command.

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The shift modifier simply upcases the 'key' which is used to call this function so you get a instead of 3 when you do a S Also, I still don't understand why you're using Alt rather than shift to display the symbol. What do you do when you want to type a? By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Emacs question - hash key Ask Question.

I have tried the following solution I found online: