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Even when all your email settings are correct, Apple Mail can still fail to send or receive email for In cases such as these, the only effective solution is to reset Mail's preferences to restore functionality. Open a Finder window on your Mac.

Improved Sync back feature. YACReaderLibrary will try to find the comics in any of the libraries available. Local library: Improved local library UI. Continue reading feature is now available in the root folder only table and grid modes. Screenshots 9. New remote browser - YACReader 3.

1. YAC Reader

Folder UI in remote browser. Improved import options. Continue reading feature. Current comic view in local folders. Hopefully this will increase the number of developers contributing to the project! Please sign up to add features for YACReader. YACReader Reviews.

There are no reviews for YACReader, yet. Be the first to write one, or check for additional reviews in the next section below. Share your opinion on YACReader. Email will not be published. Your Opinion. Submit Your Review. YACReader has currently been reviewed with 0 opinions. In total, that's a combined rating of 0 out of 5 stars. Alternative As such, you can open a larger number of comics with this software than most alternatives; and as ComicRack supports ZIP and RAR you don't need to unpack comic book files.

YACReader 8. Reviews YACReader is a capable tool for reading, browsing and managing your comic collection. The program supports various comic, image and archive formats, including rar, zip, cbr, cbz, tar, pdf, 7z and cb7, jpeg, gif, png, tiff and bmp. YACReader's interface needs work, and we'd like The pros and cons of adding open source to your software Syn YACReader 9.

While the software is classified as free, it is Open Comparison. Reviews YACReader is the best comic reader and comic manager with support for cbr cbz zip rar comic files. Reviews YACReader: It's a free cross-platform, Qt4-based comic book reader. Comic book readers are e-book readers for comic book archive files. Like Kindle and other readers, comic book readers let users enjoy their electronic comic books in a familiar, easy-to-use format that replicates the experience of reading actual comics, but with zoom, rotation, and other effects.

Since we believe that you can't have too many comic book readers, we choose not to acknowledge the implication: YACReader can more than hold its own against the competition, some of which is getting long in the tooth.

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To open a saved comic archive, we just pressed O for open, and YACReader opened in our designated archive. You can download all kinds of free e-comics online and open them automatically from your browser in YACReader.

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The program displays an extensive list of keyboard shortcuts as well as options for configuring transition effects, setting the archive folder, and other settings on the toolbar. The toolbar also offers icons for rotating, zooming, and fitting images, saving files, and other controls.

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You can have multiple instances of YACReader open at the same time, which is very handy for comparing editions and artwork, reading serial stories, and spazzing out in general. And why not?

Yet Another Comic Reader

YACReader's the best comic reader we've tried, with crisp page transitions, zooming, rotation, and other effects, not to mention an excellent presentation of the material, even scanned images of ancient comics. We especially like the two-page mode, which displays two open pages side by side, just like a paper edition.

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We could save and bookmark pages, jump to pages, and more. The magnifier tool worked just fine, smoothly magnifying a rectangular area that we could drag anywhere with the cursor and toggle on and off at the toolbar. Too many comic book readers? Isn't that like saying, "Too many comic books?

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YACReader more than holds up its end; the rest is up to you. Very fast, robust, easy to use, beautiful interface,the comic flow is great and unique, translate tool is very useful for reading in foreign languages, automatic zoom is perfect and the reading experience is fantastic! Was this review helpful?

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